Candice Held Clothing is designed with an Adjustable Fit

Scarf tunics are One Size, with waist ties sewn into side seams. They can tie in back for a looser fit, or wrap around the waist and tie in front, as a self belt. THEY CAN ALSO BE REMOVED SO THE TUNIC CAN BE WORN LOOSE AND FLOWING. Fits US WOMEN’S sizes 0-18.

Scarf dress styles are Size 1 or Size 2.  They tie in THE three following places:  

behind the neck (halter tie), upper back (bust tie), midriff back (waist tie), and lower back (skirt back closure)

This allows for a truly adjustable fit.  Women who wear between dress sizes 0-14 can decide which size they prefer based on bra size, hem length, and how much of the lower back/side waist area they prefer to show.  The skirt portion of the dresses are A-line in shape, due to the skirt back being sewn in on the bias grain.  This creates a flattering and forgiving fit for small hips and fuller hips alike.  The silhouette is feminine, sexy, and will make the wearer feel beautiful